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INSEAD LiVE webinar series 2013-14

This is a unique opportunity for you to listen to and interact in real-time with INSEAD Faculty thought leaders. Through a series of webinars, you will hear cutting-edge views on today's hot topics and their impact on tomorrow’s business. You will also have the chance to ask questions that are important for your business - and get immediate answers from world experts. 

Our first 3 topics for 2013/2014:

  • Tuesday 17 September at 13h – 14h30 EST Paris, Digital Disruptions: the Case of Online Management Education, Professor Peter Zemsky, Interim Dean
  • Tuesday 15 October at 13h – 14h30 EST Paris, How to Overcome Ethical Pitfalls in Value Negotiation, Professor Horacio Falcao
  • Wednesday 20 November at 11h – 12h30 CET Paris, Enhancing Leadership Judgement, Professor Narayan Pant

For individual seesions, IAA Members are entitled to a discounted price – be sure to check your email for specific details of how to register. These emails are sent to all IAA members a few days before the event.

This year we are also offering the opportunity to subscribe to the full series of 10 webinars that includes 2 free webinars.  Sign up for the unique offer now! Annual subscribers will have the added benefit of receiving early email invitations to the webinars in order to guarantee a seat, as well as access to the recording after each event (places are limited).